Water and mordant dyes for screen printing on textiles

White paint water based

White water-based paint White 120 E

Universal elastic white water-based paint based on polyurethane and a high content of white pigment. Guarantees a very soft, bright prints, with exquisite detail of fine lines and halftone dots.

White water-based paint First White E

Universal white paint for screen printing on fabric with water-based polyurethane binder. Has a very high elasticity. To print vector designs and substrates.

White water-based paint Nylone White

Special white water paint on acrylic base and high content of white pigment. Designed for printing on nylon, technical and synthetic fabrics.

The white mordant dye Discharge Plus White

The white mordant stencil paint discoloration of colored textiles. Odorless, very high opacity, while maintaining the softness of the fabric.

Printed base water-based

Printed base water-based Clear 120 E

Universal elastic transparent water-base polyurethane that is ideal for printing on textile grayscale and bitmap designs. Is characterized by the highest stability during printing, does not dry on the grid and does not block the cells of the stencil.

Printed base water-based Soft Clear Base

Transparent and soft water base printed on a polyurethane for printing on white and light textiles. Great for printing both vector and raster halftone designs.

Printed base water-based Clear 77 E

Universal elastic transparent water-base polyurethane that is ideal for screen printing vector designs (dies), very high stability during printing, softness and elasticity.

Printed base water-based Wow Clear

Universal elastic transparent water-base polyurethane that is applied to any work on the colored screen-printing on textiles. Allows you to print “wet on wet” both raster and vector designs.

Mordant base Discharge Plus Base

Colorless mordant base is designed for pre-bleaching of coloured textiles in the process of screen printing (silkscreen).

Pigments are water-based

Pigments Aqua Tint на водной основе

A series of pigments, which are mixed with any bases to produce the final paint. Inks designed for printing on light and dark (with white underlay) fabrics.

Special effects for printing on textiles

White and transparent base Geo Gipsy Clear and White

Transparent base and a white water-based paint for silk screen printing on textiles on the reverse side of the product or cut, creating a beautiful "vintage" effects.

Pearlescent base Pearl Base

Base for screen printing water-based with gorgeous pearlescent effect.

Paint with the effect of "shining shimmering" Geo Aquapearl

The finished paint with the effect of "shining shimmering" give when you print on fabric with countless hues, which shimmer depending on the angle of view.

Transparent paint (gel) Geo Galileus

Transparent printed water-based paint designed to create special effects such as imitation of glass effect gel, lenses, water and other prints with high gloss.

Base with suede effect Suede Base

The colorful base is water-based designed for surround effects bean bags and suede of excellent quality.

Svetonakopitelnye or phosphor paint Geo Lumina

Svetonakopitelnye or the phosphor screen printing ink for textiles recharged by any light source, and in the dark begin to glow with phosphorescent light.

Reflective paint Geo Reflex

Screen printing inks water-based retroreflective effect. Have a brilliant and shimmering effect that is very popular in the decoration of clothing.

Thermochromic paint Geo Aquatherm Duo

Heat-sensitive screen printing inks for printing on textiles. When heated, the colors appear, with the result that the product turns bright, multi-color imprint.

Base effect burning Geo Opal Paste

The base was designed to create the effect of "burning out" of textiles. In combination with other colors, the Opal Paste, enriches new visual and tactile sensations.

Glue for foil and flock Transfoil Adhesive

Very soft and flexible water-based adhesive for textile foil transfer and flock. The transfer can be carried out even within a few days after the glue dries.

Murano Adhesive gritter glue

Water-based glue for powdered glitter, rhinestones, glass beads.

Additive antifoil Foil Off Additive

Supplement is used in order to avoid adhesion of the foil to some parts of the design under thermal pressure. Does not change printing properties and appearance of the paint after curing.

Silver water-based paint Eco Superstar

Ready water paint for screen printing on textiles with the effect of silver. Aluminum particles give the paint an excellent reflective effect and high brightness.

Gold water-based paint Eco Superstar

Ready water paint for screen printing on textiles with the "effect of gold." Particles in the paint give a great reflective effect and high brightness.

Base for metallic powders Clear For Metallic

Transparent, elastic, water base (binder) based on polyurethane, allows to obtain at textile printing in metallic inks.

Metallic powders Powder Metallic

Metallic powder for mixing with water base Clear for Metallic and for the production of metallic paints. The fraction of metal particles 32-38 microns.

Base for glitter Glittering Base

Binder water-based to add glitter in screen printing inks.