Constantly developing and improving, pad printing meets the highest standards and with a very convincing performance, has long been a widely accepted printing method. Its versatility it assures that great success can be used to decorate a variety of substrates and for applying various symbols and markings.

The main advantage of pad printing is the possibility of applying images on the surface of almost any shape. You can get a guarantee that it will be high quality without distortions and gaps. For each material the paint is selected individually, which guarantees the strength and durability of the applied pattern.

The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers a large selection of inks for printing on any material. They have a wide color gamut, fast drying and can be mixed in various combinations and ratios. We also can buy the paint for pad print, and other consumables for pad printing (e.g., print tampons, photopolymer plates, doctor blades and required accessories), as well as related prepress and printing equipment.