Means for cleaning and degreasing stencil grids Kiwo Mesh X-CEL




KIWO MESH X-CEL - a highly effective tool for the preparation of the grid, which improves the spreading of direct emulsions, and also helps to improve water transfer capillary films (for example, a series of products KIWOFILM). In addition, KIWO MESH X-CEL acts as degreaser, so it is a versatile product for the preparation of grids. The treated KIWO MESH X-CEL grid virtually absent or much less have these common mistakes, like spray paint for printing on plastic. Net, the processed KIWO MESH X-CEL, shows better adhesion emulsion, leading to increased plate run and better quality screen forms, resulting in great prints.


Mesh processing tool KIWO MESH X-CEL should be taken directly to the manufacturer applying emulsion. When applied by hand to avoid the formation of aerosol mist (spray), the automatic application to work only with closed systems. KIWO MESH X-CEL is applied on both sides of the screen with a brush (such KIWO Screenbrush # 1), with a brush or sponge. If cleaning or degreasing is preferred to operate brush if necessary to clean dust from a small amount, it is sufficient to use a sponge or apply by means of a squeegee-cell. The tool then washed with cold or lukewarm water. The shape must be vertical, and the grid is necessary to wash the moment when the flowing water will not contain foam. You will immediately notice that the water film is distributed throughout the surface of the screen is evenly. After processing, capillary film of water transfer easily transferred to the grid. Before the application of direct emulsions or portable with emulsion stencil films grid needs to be dried.

Color: orange

Consistency: Liquid


1 year (at 20 ± 5 ° C) in the original packaging.