Kimoto matte film for the manufacture of photo-guide


Kimoto film designed for printing on her slide (imagesetter). For better quality, we recommend using a laser printer.

Format, sheets: A4 210x297 mm A3 297x420 mm.

Pack-100 sheets.

The production of the printed form begins with the exposure of the slide (photo), which has an unreadable image. This process provides the formation of whitespace elements. UV radiation passes through transparent areas of the transparencies and polymerizes the layer throughout its thickness, and in the lower part of the layer the gap element is expanded by light scattering and reflection from the base. As a result, the printing elements become different depth: small — smaller and large — larger.

The quality of design and film is also a very important issue. When poorly displayed film will not get a quality print! Before the exposure of the film with a direct image, it is necessary to make sure that it is facing the emulsion side of the positive downwards to the cliché. The black areas of the positive image must be optically dense to ensure that UV lighting does not pass through them.