Inks for screen printing on textile materials

Plastisol inks for printing on textiles

Much attention when printing on textiles should be given the choice of pigments.

For the process of silk-screen printing or thermal transfer is the most optimal plastisol inks. Products that are applied such paints are high quality, brightness and excellent durability. Plastisol inks can be printed on virtually any surface that can withstand the drying temperature and has a sufficiently porous structure to enable the dye. Paint does not stain the fibers as the other dyes, it envelops them. This provides a good mechanical bond with the fabric during polymerization.

The paint is completely ready for use in production, but, depending on the printing conditions or get the desired effect, it is recommended to use solvents and special additives that allow the printer to adjust the quality and level of special effects. This greatly facilitates the work of the printer and reduces the time in preparing the design for printing.

These plastisol inks do not contain solvents, air pollutants or volatile organic compounds. Their production, transportation, storage and usage do not cause injury. High quality and their wide range gives the opportunity to implement any ideas of the designer into reality.

Water and mordant inks for printing on textiles

Water paint known for a long time, but due to some reasons is not popular in Russia. Now, when the situation on the market requires manufacturers of the softness of the print, water and mordant paints become in demand.

Waterbased ink for printing on textiles became widespread in the textile industry due to the fact that they are more environmentally friendly than other types of inks for printing on clothes. For this reason, it paints water-based is used in printing on clothing, linen and other types of products where the environmental component is the most important parameter. Aqueous textile inks have excellent elasticity allow to imprint pleasant to the touch, which does not violate the texture of the fabric.

On our website you will find textile paint for light and dark fabrics, and various additives, which allow to achieve the desired effects and will make the paint suitable for your screen printing machine.