For direct application of image, logo on a wide range of materials, specialized equipment is used, which is known for screen printing. For different manufacturers offer a wide selection of equipment from manual to semi-automatic. Of course, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, however, thanks to the integrated approach, you can choose the one that is optimal for your specific goals.

The principal difference, as the name implies, is that the semi-automated equipment delivers the product to seal up the screen form, then print with the product, return to starting position. Start printing cycle is done by pressing a button or pedal. In semiautomatic stencil equipment supply products to the printing table manually. In the manual process of filing equipment screen form to an article on printing products, printed form on return to the starting position, these actions are carried out manually. As in the semi-automatic product feed to the printing table manually.

How do I choose and what you should look for when choosing equipment for screen printing?

When purchasing equipment for screen printing you must initially determine the purposes for which you get it. As you know, basically, silk screen equipment is divided into two main areas: the textile printing and graphic printing. General requirements for the selection of equipment for the two types of printing are the following:

• Initially, you must determine: manual or semi-automated equipment use only. To do this, decide the number of copies that you plan to print. The company «Reklamnaya sreda» will give you full information about the performance of the equipment (the minimum and maximum number of prints per shift or per hour, for example, inside and out). You may not have to pay the extra money, and you may well be able to bypass manual equipment.

• The maximum print size and the maximum size of screen frame, which must be set to mount stencil machine. From these data will depend format printing equipment. Carefully analyze your goals and soizmerte opportunities. The principle of the more the better, in this case, it may cool to hit the pocket as large format printing - is not only a more expensive machine, but the exposure device, tension device, frame and drying.

If you haven't found the equipment you need or the submitted tenders do not meet your requirements, we offer you to take advantage of vendor search and selection of equipment.

Our experts will help not only to coordinate the ordering of equipment and prepare a technical description for customs clearance and for future use when the equipment is operated.

The company "Reklamnaya Sreda" in 2014, imports of equipment, spare parts, tools and consumables from Europe, China and the United States.

We will be glad to answer all your questions and give advice when choosing equipment for screen printing!