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Our primary goal - to provide you with reliable equipment for screen printing, full-service and consumables associated with its operation.

The company "Reklamnaya sreda" is the official distributor of Russian equipment manufacturer in Russia and the CIS countries.

Main activities of the company "Reklamnaya sreda":

Sell: printing equipment, drying equipment, prepress equipment, and equipment for tampon printing, spare parts for printing equipment, printing supplies, repair and maintenance - equipment stencil.

Why apply it to us: Impeccable reputation of work! - You, our customers - the most precious thing we have.
Quality equipment for screen printing is a reliable assistant in your business development.
Huge selection of optional features in the selection of equipment - you definitely will find exactly what you need.
At work we have done, or you receive the purchased equipment firm guarantee.
All machines have a full pre-training - you only have to select the printer responsible operator.
We deliver goods to any region of Russia - it is enough to specify the address.
Our experts can always get expert advice - we are waiting for you.

Payment is made by bank transfer. The variant of the purchase of equipment through leasing companies.

Advantages German stencil equipment

Global manufacturers stencil equipment are widely known, and represented companies from Europe, USA, China and Germany. For this reason, once you have decided on the basic characteristics and requirements necessary for your work, you will need to choose the brand manufacturer stencil equipment. Equipment from Germany is an easy to use, as well as stylish, reliable and functional. Used in its manufacture of high-strength wear-resistant parts of materials through which German equipment for screen printing will serve you for more than a decade , retaining its original accuracy and reliability.

Currently German equipment rather claimed in screen printing on the domestic market, which is characterized by reliability, durability and, most importantly, high efficiency in performing the most time-consuming tasks. Let ruler stencil equipment provides smooth and easy handling for the user, both manual and semi-automatic machines. A significant advantage can be considered and what screen printing technique is easy to manage, convenient instrument panel, which is easy to learn, and simplifies the work as a whole.

Print quality, high performance and reliability at all times of the printing process on our stencil equipment meets the highest standards, because when they are created using components and assemblies leading manufacturers.

In addition, designers will improve annually produced equipment. Consulting with printers and technologists, developers identify and implement the technique in all the most useful modifications to work with it, based on the needs and based on their experience. This allows screenprinting equipment to be as comfortable and meet all conditions of labor.

Equipment for Screen Printing presented in a wide range, and it is possible to choose among the one that most likely correspond to the peculiarities of your company. Besides products imported from Germany, is considered a kind of standard quality for domestic and foreign buyers.


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