Wallpaper for wide format digital printing

Wallpaper Digi Green on non-woven

Basis: woven, density: 175 g/m².

Wallpaper Digi Fort on non-woven

Basis: woven, density: 300 g/m².

Wallpaper Digi Fort on paper-based

Basis: paper, density: 300 g/m².

Wallpaper Deconix non-woven fabric

Basis: vinyl, density: 250 g/m².

Textile wallpaper JM Covertex FR

Basis: 100% polyester, density: 230 g/m².

Self-adhesive wallpaper Removable Self-adhesive White Canvas W-009

Basis: 100% polyester, density: 270 g/m².

The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers a wide range of textured Wallpaper for digital printing (Wallpaper) paper or non-woven.

The most popular form of wall decoration today, however, as many years ago, are Wallpapers. On the one hand, this is a simple and familiar way of decorating the room, and with another - today it is becoming increasingly important style, individuality and quality of a drawing. That is why the Wallpapers for wide format digital printing (also called Wallpaper) became a real discovery for designers and their customers, helping in the creation of unforgettable interiors.

Wallpaper for printing are separated by type basics - paper-based and non-woven Wallpaper (non-woven) basis:

Wallpaper for printing on paper - is a classic type of Wallpaper with a paper base and a special PVC coating for printing. These Wallpapers are resistant to abrasion and is safe, easy to use, and they are much more economical non-woven Wallpaper. Gluing paper Wallpaper on rough walls, but the surface must be clean and it should remove the remnants of previously deposited materials.

Non-woven Wallpaper (non-woven) - a mural on non-woven are more durable, resistant to wear and moisture resistance. This allows their use in rooms with high traffic, as well as in children's rooms. Another advantage of non-woven Wallpaper is the possibility of sticking on uneven, rough walls. They hide surface defects, fit perfectly on the plaster and concrete. Wallpaper on non-woven are breathable, allow to evaporate excessive moisture and eliminate the possibility of formation of fungus under them. This is the best option, if we are talking about a wet basement. Non-woven Wallpaper also meet all fire safety standards.