Semi-automatic flatbed equipment with roll-out of the printed table



Model of the printing press 600 1500
Type of drive Pneumo Pneumo
Vertical stroke of the printhead Pneumo Pneumo
Number of printing units, units 1 1
Number of printed tables, pieces 1 1
Max. print size, mm 400 х 600 1000 х 1500
Max. size of the printed frame, mm 600 х 850 1250 х 1800
The size of the printing table, mm 500 х 700 1100 х 1600
Maximum height, mm to 80 to 200
Speed, pcs./hour to 600 to 300
Operating pressure, bar 5 - 6 5 - 6
Compressed air consumption, l./min. 30 146
Power supply, V 220 220
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1240x1100x1760 2600x3500x2300
Weight, kg 420 1800


The machine can be optionally equipped

Vacuum table
Servo lift the printhead
The electric circuit section


Semi-automatic flatbed machine with roll-out table for printing one-color and multi-color graphic print on flat subjects such as: paper, cardboard, wood, glass, metal, plastic, film, etc. Well established printing: the automotive industry, packaging, oil, automotive glass, nameplates, tags, dials, housings of electrical devices, electronics industry, keypad, membrane panel, Board, and all kinds of nameplates, tags, dials, housings of electrical devices, appliances, glass, posters, reflective signs, menus, adhesive stickers, credit cards, doors, furniture and others.

Semi-automatic machine for screen printing standard issue:

• Pneumoperitoneum for precise parallel lifting and lowering of the printhead parallel to the print frame.

• Mechanical adjustment of the printing gap. With the help of which you can adjust the distance of lowering the printing frame relative to the table that allows to seal the sheet material with thickness up to 80 mm and in the maximum configuration and up to 200 mm.

• Controls: on, off, control of movement and speed adjustment, printing sample, the completion of printing, setting of various print programs and programming sequences of work, monitoring of the printing process, manual and automatic print cycle, etc.

• Side clamps, which are equipped with rigid holders screw fixing the printing frame. Holders securely hold the frame, eliminating in the process of printing its displacement and mobility, as well as to prevent re-alignment.

• Micrometer register, which allows to align the position of the printing table in all directions with respect to the stencil plate.

• Roll-out table, controlled by a pneumatic actuator.

• Pneumatic system with separate adjustment of the contact pressure of the squeegee and forrakelya. To ensure high precision and stability of pressure during the printing process, as well as the flawless repetition of kreschatyska throughout the printing cycle.

• Independent mechanical adjustments and tilt the squeegee forrakelya, used to adjust the flow amount of ink transferred from the printing form on the printing surface.

• Pneumatic system to adjust the speed of movement of the squeegee and forrakelya.

• By adjusting the stroke length of the squeegee and forrakelya.

The machine can be optionally equipped with:

• Vacuum system, securely fixing the printed material during the printing cycle that allows you to firmly hold on the surface is quite heavy and small-sized products. Optional vacuum table can be equipped with automatic base pins for precise positioning and placing the sealed sheet.

• Servo lift the printhead that will allow to increase printing speed and increase the precision and smoothness at the endpoints at high speeds of printing.

• Electric circuit section, which will allow to increase printing speed and increase the precision and smoothness at the endpoints at high speeds of printing.



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