Rags for wiping the screen printing forms from the remnants of paint


Purpose: Knitted cloth is designed to remove remnants of paints for screen and pad printing on preprinted forms, chemistry, and is also suitable for cleaning the units and mechanisms, as well as the hands of employees in the performance of production activities.

Our rags with great pleasure acquire printed production, printing, garages, enterprises of the construction industry, and similar organizations by type, where there is a need to clean the surface of the paint, oil and other liquids.


Composition: T-shirts, sweatshirts

Type of cloth: colored knit, flap size 40*60, 70*80 cm, 10 kg package.

Soft cotton fabric without synthetic impurities, has good absorbency, which is an important quality characteristic of the wiper rags. Tatters instantly absorb various liquids: paints, solvents, oils, fuels and lubricants, water and so. D. Moreover, rags, easily wrinkled, soft and lint-free. We provide only high-quality cloth, without any non textile inclusions (zippers, buttons, buttons, leather, buckles and others.).