Vacuum rubber copier installations



Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" offers flexible and durable rubber vacuum copier settings. Rubber has excellent elastic properties and perfectly adapts to the printing frame (subject to a good seal joints), high chemical resistance to solvents, mechanical strength and light weight. After stretching rubber vacuum without visible deformation resets.

Vacuum rubber makes it easy to take the form of frames, thus providing a tight clamp photoforms (imagesetter) to the emulsion layer stencil.

Vacuum tire released in sheets of 1300x2000 mm, thickness of rubber 3 and 5 mm. We offer glue and we render services in gluing of vacuum rubber among themselves, thus rubber keeps tightness of a seam, mechanical properties, high elasticity, resistance to solvents in places of gluing.

For smaller installations displaying the ideal tire thickness of 3 mm. For large copying frames makes sense to apply a vacuum of 5 mm thick rubber.

Also offer vacuum homogeneous rubber, for motor installations with a thickness of 0.5 and 1 mm, made in China. The thickness of 0.5 mm is sold in rolls 900 mm wide, 1 mm thick. sold in rolls of a width of 1150 mm.