Ltd. "Reklamnaya sredat" offers UV tunnel drying for screen printing (silkscreen).

In recent years, are becoming more common paints and varnishes, curable by ultraviolet rays is believed that they are fixed almost immediately. And in fact it is not so - Consolidation still lasts seconds, and the total - up to several hours, the user is close to the truth.

UV inks and varnishes are comfortable in the manufacture of products in a very short time, and also in cases where the varnish or paint applied thickly and dried once or nowhere. Because if nedosushennye prints with screen folding machine in a pile, then most likely, they are glued.

Almost instantaneous reaction rate of polymerization (curing) UV drying allows to work at high speeds, that is, to achieve high performance. Increased productivity - this is one of the factors that led to the fact that print on semi-automatic screen printing machines are increasingly being applied is UV paint and varnish products for finishing UV technology is simply irreplaceable.

Apart from increasing the performance of UV printing applied to the screen printing process also enhances the usability of the printer due to the fact that the UV inks and lacquers do not dry on the grid, as their cure is possible only in the case of exposure to UV radiation. Therefore, the printer can pick up paint consistency, optimal for this type of work, depending on the speed of printing and screen ruling grid, not adjusting to the humidity in the room and other " inhibitory process " factors.

Thanks to the high quality and UV paint gradually replacing solvent-based paints .

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