UV ink BSK Triangle Flex for digital printing




The color palette is ink:

- INX-1506863_01LT Blue (cyan)

- INX-1506859_01LT Purple (magenta)

- INX-1506862_01LT Yellow (yellow)

- INX-1506865_01LT Black (black)

- INX-1506864_01LT Light blue (light cyan)

- INX-1506860_01LT Light Magenta (light magenta)

- INX-1406714_01LT White (white)

Compatible with: head having a droplet volume of 14 PL and 50 PL (proven on the heads Konika-Minolta.

Colors: CMYK+Lc+Lm

Packaging: bottle 1 litre (6 litres in 1 box).


Universal UV-curable inks Triangle BSK for different equipment with printheads having droplet volume of 14 PL and 50 PL. (worked well on the heads Konika-Minolta®).

Classified as "universal" UV inks - are made only from quality components, which provide wide compatibility of inks with different equipment.

• Global warranty on colorful Triangle system;

• Allow you to get a rich red color, wide color gamut;

• Provide low cost printing, by reducing ink consumption, while maintaining the same saturation;

• Increase the print quality due to minimal dusting;

• Reduce the frequency of maintenance on the print heads;

• The shelf life of the ink up to 12 months from the date of manufacture;

• Certificate of ISO9001, certificate of R. E. A. CH. (EU);

• Non-toxic, do not contain hazardous waste;

• Compatible with roll-to-roll and sheet media;

• Durability of prints to fading for at least 2 years (without additional coating);

• Optimal heating temperature during printing 40°C - 50°C;

• The optimal range of UV lamps for curing of 350 nm – 450 nm.


For the proper use of UV-curable ink Triangle BSK you must perform several important recommendations:

• Installation of the cartridge into a working socket in strict accordance with the color listed on the tags above each nest.

• Before you install the cartridge, you must gently shake it to create a homogeneous pigment dispersion.

• It is recommended to keep the ink in sealed cartridges, with the air temperature of 15-25°C. Avoid sources of ignition, heat and direct sunlight. Keep ink out of the reach of children, away from food. Not require special conditions during transport.


Washing liquid Triangle UV Flush, 1 l

Triangle Flush UV – washing liquid for cleaning the print heads the production company INX Digital (USA). Compatible with UV-curable ink UV BSK Triangle Flex. Washing liquid is supplied in bottles of 1 liter.