Paint for waterless offset printing Ultraset UVOS




UV curing paint Ultraset UVOS on anhydrous basis for offset printing is designed for printing on all types of optical discs in CD, DVD, DVD-R, DVD - RW formats, as well as on surfaces pre-sealed in white.

Paint suitable for matching modern printing machines for screen printing and offset printing such as Kamman K15-40, Met - ronic CD Printer, Hanky, Lamin, Gyann Way, etc. UVOS has a good adhesion and resistance to scratching and trouble-free application of ink and a stable ink viscosity during printing. Suitable for very high print speeds of up to 135 cycles/min.

Application features

high curing speed / excellent point clarity / high pigmentation for bright print / designed for modern screen and offset combination machines

Type (paint)

uv curing paint for waterless offset printing

Drying speed


The degree of gloss


Covering capacity


Resistance to external environment



offset printing / silk screen printing / uv printing

Printed materials

polycarbonate (pc) / dvd / hd-blu-ray / optical discs


Marabu (Germany)

Detailed description paints Marabu Ultraset UVOS                        Color layout

UVOS 429
UV curing paint UVOS 429
Volume of 1kg.

UVOS 439
UV curing paint UVOS 439
Volume of 1kg.

UVOS 459
UV curing paint UVOS 459
Volume of 1kg.

UVOS 489
UV curing paint UVOS 489
Volume of 1kg.

* these shades are for reference and may differ from the actual ones depending on the screen setting.