Solvent ink Triangle SGD for digital printing




The color palette is ink:

- INX-1496964_05LT Blue (cyan)

- INX-1496962_05LT Purple (magenta)

- INX-1496963_05LT Yellow (yellow)

- INX-1496965_05LT Black (black)

Compatible with: Seiko SPT, Konica Minolta 512/1024, Spectra Polaris

Colors: CMYK

Packaging: bottle of 5 liters.


Solvent ink Triangle SGD (similar to ink INFINITI SK-4) designed specifically for wide format printers with the print heads Seiko SPT, Konica Minolta, Spectra Polaris 35 with a drop - 42пл. The inks are highly resistant to abrasion and very bright colors.

- The size of pigment particles in ink is less than 1 micron;

- Classified as "hard" solvente ink (True Solvent);

- Contain a minimum quantity of Cyclohexanone;

- Have a high color saturation, wide color gamut;

- Improve the quality of printing due to minimal dusting;

- Reduce the frequency of maintenance on the print heads;

- The certificate of ISO9001, certificate of R. E. A. CH. (EU)


For proper use solvent inks Triangle SGD need to follow a few important recommendations:

• Installation of the cartridge into a working socket in strict accordance with the color listed on the tags above each nest.

• Before you install the cartridge, you must gently shake it to create a homogeneous pigment dispersion.

• It is recommended to keep the ink in sealed cartridges, with the air temperature of 15-25°C. Avoid sources of ignition, heat and direct sunlight. Keep ink out of the reach of children, away from food. Not require special conditions during transport.

• Drying. You can stick with the original drying parameters of the printing setup and adjust them depending on the quality of the printed material.


The wash liquid for ink Triangle STX,VUV,AXM.

Washing liquid for maintenance of the printhead on the basis of the light solvent. Capacity 5 liters washing liquid is not used in the printing process and is designed to care for the colorful system of the printer.

To keep the flushing fluid should be in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid freezing and exposure to temperature above 50 ℃. Use in a well ventilated area.