Strain gauge - a device for measuring the surface tension of the grid.


The device for measuring the tension of the grid on the screen printing frame. Measuring range from 0 to 36 N / cm. Weight 0.6 kg.

During the tensioning of the printing screen, a strain gauge, mounted on the center of screen frames in a longitudinal position and measure the tension, and then in the transverse position. In the situation where the tension during measurement is insufficient, additional tension is produced. The process is repeated as long as the tension is not stabilized to the desired value.

Strain gauge is very convenient and easy to check the value of the tension grid.

Measuring range tensiometer - from 0 to 36 N / cm.

A device for measuring tension works without batteries or other sources of electricity.

Strain gauge is used for all kinds of screen mesh - polyester, polyamide, steel and more.

A simple check of functionality, a strain gauge is easy to calibrate.

Large and easy to read scale tension.

Calibration is performed on the test strain gage glass comes with a strain gauge.

Attractive price.