Teflon film for heat press



Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" offers heat resistance, thermal transfer Teflon film (sheet). This thermal transfer thermal transfer film is used to protect the heater thermo.

In the process of manufacturing large runs on thermo or when working at high speeds, the paint on the transfer, as well as other debris can remain on the heating element and the subsequent reprint the remaining debris can be transferred to the finished product.

Using Teflon siliconized film will help to avoid the consequences of the transfer of the residual waste, as well as retain the heater thermo clean. The Teflon sheet also functions as a divider in temperature, making the heating more uniform.

Heat resistance Teflon film is thermo (from - 170 ° to + 260 ° C).

The films are supplied both with adhesive and without adhesive layer.