Plastic container for storage and hang inks for screen and pad printing.


We offer you a sealed thin-walled containers for packaging paint and its subsequent storage. Plastic buckets used for packing of paints, varnishes.

The popularity of the container due to the use of high quality raw materials - polypropylene. Plastic buckets of polypropylene products ensure maximum security, environmental friendliness, and yet affordable.

We offer packaging in classic round or oval design. Reliability of plastic, can confidently say that the contents of the container under the paint will save any desired amount of time.


Directory of plastic packaging:

Plastic bank of 0.25 liters.

Shape - round

Size - 95 х 84 х 62 mm.

Plastic bucket 1.0 liters.

Shape - round

Size - 130 х 106 х 106 mm.

Plastic bucket 5.0 liters.

Shape - round

Size - 224 х 190 х 195 mm.