Super-NN – glue for banner




The basis
Setting time
Full cure
Temp. application
10-20 min.
12 hours
-40 to +80 °C
1 l.


Glue Super-NN is a polyurethane adhesive solvent-based, which turns out to elastic glue seam. In this regard, the adhesive used for bonding leather, banner fabric, textiles, polyurethane, polyvinylchloride, wood, vulcanized natural rubber and synthetic rubber mixtures, particularly when high temperature resistance, water resistance, and resistance to weak acids and alkalis.

Usage instructions

1 way.

The materials are prepared and cleaned, apply the adhesive layer and held for a few minutes and then connect. The estimated flow rate of 150 grams per square meter, it varies depending on the type of surfaces sticking together. The Union has acquired enough strength, it is necessary to withstand the elements during the day at normal temperature.

2 way.

On a prepared clean surface of the substance applied and held for about 20-30 minutes. Pre-adhesive compound activated by heating at 60-80 ° C for 30-60 seconds. Then quickly connect the elements and pressed, if using Super glue LV is performed at low temperature, warm up the open jar of substance (no open flame) and mix.


Store in tightly closed, original containers, avoiding direct sunlight. Shelf life at temperatures from +15°C to +25°C 12 months.