Sublimation ink IR-DST for digital printing



The color palette is ink:

- Blue (cyan)

- Purple (magenta)

- Yellow (yellow)

- Black (black)

Compatible: with printers Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and Epson.

Colors: CMYK

Packaging: bottles of 1 liter.


LLC "Reklamnaya sreda" offers dye sublimation inks is designed for printing full color images on fabrics, ceramics, metal plates and other prepared surfaces. Compatible with wide format printers equipped with piezo-heads such as Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland.

This type of ink is used to print on a special paper for sublimation ink. Using an inkjet printer prints mirror image on paper. Then the resulting imprint is applied to the surface of the product or material, and is heated to a certain temperature with the help of special equipment for sublimation – heat press machine. Under the influence of heat, the dye turns into a gas. In the gaseous state it penetrates into the fabric, or ceramics, plastic, wood, glass, metal and becomes part of its coverage. The product with the image applied using sublimation ink is very resistant to washing or to wash manually or in dishwashers. With sublimation ink, can make various colorful Souvenirs such as personalized glasses, cups, baseball caps, beautiful prints on the dishes and clothes, and more.

Sublimation ink made in the Korean factory. The production uses innovative technologies. The product undergoes several levels of quality control. Due to this, the sublimation dye is used to create durable, high-quality prints and continuous printing. Resistance, color rendition and brightness of the resulting images, printed with sublimation ink, no different from prints made of the original materials. In addition, ink for CISS and USC allow the printer to work long and reliably.


For proper use of sublimation ink IR-DST need to follow a few important recommendations:

• Installation of the cartridge into a working socket in strict accordance with the color listed on the tags above each nest.

• Before you install the cartridge, you must gently shake it to create a homogeneous pigment dispersion.

• It is recommended to keep the ink in sealed cartridges, with the air temperature of 15-25°C. Avoid sources of ignition, heat and direct sunlight. Keep ink out of the reach of children, away from food. Not require special conditions during transport.


Cleaning fluid for sublimation ink IR-DST, 1000 ml.

Washing liquid for cleaning the printheads. Compatible with sublimation ink series Inkrang IR-DST.