Model HM-S950 HM-ST800 HM-T970
Type of machine mechanical mechanical mechanical
The type of binding, plastic coil spring + + -
The type of binding, the metal spring - + +
Perforation, sheets 20 20 20
Thickness of binding , plastic coil spring, sheets 500 450 -
Thickness of binding, metal spring, sheets - 120 120
Off perforation knives + - +
Adjustment of the depth of perforation + + +
The shape of the hole rectangle rectangle, circle square
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 410 x 340 x 210 430 x 430 x 140 410 x 340 x 210


The finisher (binder); in other words, the binder or binding machine. For easy storage, organizing and retrieval of documents, the finisher holds a stack of paper into a neat bundle. Depending on the type of finisher, the cover is made or metal or plastic springs.

The staple finisher-binder for binding the plastic combs — this kind of finisher is securely bonds the paper to the plastic comb. He, also, is interesting because the spring can decompress and, if required, to add or remove a few pages. Also, the plastic spring can decompress and use reusable.

The staple finisher-binder for binding of metal springs. The advantages of such binders is a reliable staple pages. Metal springs for the finisher not open and are not reused. This type of cover is used more often for durable documents that can often be operated (for example instructions).