Steel cleaning blade for an open system


Depending on the type of doctor blade system, and cliches used doctor blades made of different materials. This is because the material of the squeegee pad printing should be somewhat softer material forms, since otherwise it will leave scratches on its surface.

The dimensions of the squeegee should be commensurate with the printed form, that is, the squeegee should be slightly greater than the width of the reproduced image to ensure complete removal of the paint with whitespace elements in one pass, but less than the width of the printed form, or in the process, there is uneven wear of blades.

LLC "Reklamnaya sreda" offers steel doctor blades for pad printing of two types.

Raquel for the steel and polymer clichés ALUCOREX format 350х19х0.45 mm.

Raquel for alcohol cliche format 1000х19х0.25 mm.