Spotlight camera for pad printing




Model WSS-400
The maximum size of a cliche, mm 240 х 410
The maximum area of ??exposure, mm 240 х 410
UV - lamps 5 x 15 W
Vacuum clamping +
Digital timer +
Voltage, v 220
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 500 х 400 х 150
Weight, kg 9


Exposure chamber for pad printing is used for the manufacture of photopolymer plate and seals and stamps. This zasvetochnaya camera cliche is exceptionally high quality, reliability and ease of use.

Exposure occurs through exposure cliche fotochustvitelnogo layer plate UV radiation through the film layout in order to obtain such a sample. As lighting uses ultraviolet lamps with wavelengths from 340 to 400 nm.

Copy holder horizontal type with a lighter beneath the exposed photopolymer plate. To ensure the most intimate contact with the printing plate layout original exposure chamber is equipped with a vacuum hold-down.

The exposure chamber - it is safe, efficient and accurate device that allows you to produce high quality printing, stamps, cliche hot stamping, pad and printing.