Double sided tape

The company "Reklamnaya Sreda" offers a double-sided self-adhesive tape for the manufacturing of advertizing designs. These adhesive tapes are resistant to UV radiation, moisture, heat, chemicals and solvents, excellent shear strength. Provides long time bonding over a variety of surfaces.

Designed for bonding parts to various surfaces is a high level of shearing strength and adhesion strength. It is used for gluing mirrors on street cars and trucks, in for trims, covers and cable channels, as well as for bonding of joints and connections paper, textiles, plastic and metal films.


Double sided tape 1840

Universal adhesive tape. Used for mounting panels, displays, and household accessories.

Basis: polyolefin foam with closed pores white; total thickness with glue 0.9 mm

Substrate: silicone-coated on both sides white paper; 90 g/m2

Adhesive: rubber-based

Dimensions: 12 mm x 0.9 mm x 66 m

Double sided tape 1397 PP

Ideal for finishing trims, covers, textiles, plastic and metal films. Used in cases where the great value has a very high level of shear strength and bonding strength.

Base: polyester film; Ls. thickness of glue 0,21 mm

Substrate: silicone-coated on both sides polypropylene film red; 0.08 mm

Adhesive: modified acrylic solvent based

Dimensions: 9 mm x 0,21 mm x 50 m

Double sided tape 1811

Mounting adhesive tape 1811 consists of a white polyethylene foam with closed-cell foam, which on both sides with a modified acrylate adhesive a solvent-based. A modified solvent acrylate adhesive possesses a high initial adhesion, even on rough and critical substrate surfaces. The adhesive tape is coated with blue silicone paper. Tape 1811 resistant to UV radiation, temperatures, humidity and solvents. It is used for installation obtained by the method of injection molding and extruded plastic parts such as panels, planks, cable TV. Equipment for trade fairs and shops.

Basis: polyethylene foam with closed-cell foam, white color, 1.0 mm

Substrate: silicone-coated on both sides paper in blue color, 90 g/m2

Adhesive: modified acrylate adhesive a solvent-based, 1.14 mm

Dimensions: 12 mm x 1.0 mm x 50 m 25 mm x 1.0 mm x 50m