Pillar frame



Frame for pillar round performance
size 1,3х0,6 m
Frame for pillar round performance
size 2,0х0,8 m
Frame for rectangular pillar with the execution
size 1,2х0,6 m
For pillar frame "Baby"
size 0,87х0,5 m
Advertising field from galvanized steel to rectangular pillar
size 1,13 х 0,595 m
Advertising field of galvanized steel to a semicircular pillar
size 1,21 х 0,595 m


Frame for pillar are compact, light and sturdy enough design which are designed for reinforcement and demonstration of exterior advertising. The obvious and indisputable advantages of such structures, of course is their mobility, affordable cost and ease of use. The pillars can be quickly installed in the necessary location, close to the outlets.

We offer the following standard color pillar: white, yellow, green, red, maroon, blue, metallic, black.

This applies to a high-quality, fast-drying enamel powder. To make the top part of the pillar, usually used plastic or galvanized metal.

For applying advertising and information use, offer wide-format printing devices. Drawing on leaf surface involves the use of special vinyl film. For printed on the front of the pillar the information is not erased and served for many years on the surface of the vinyl sheet is applied a coating (lamination). It successfully protects the paint from rubbing, the negative impact of the environment, elevated level of moisture and prevents fading under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Form standardnih frames may be different. We offer both rectangular and semi-circular design.

Standartnye frame – this is a great opportunity to Express themselves or to introduce potential customers to new products and services.


ATTENTION! The colors on your monitor may vary from actual!