Universal aerosol adhesive Scotch-Weld 90




The basis
Soaking time
Bonding time
Temp. application
Elastomer synthetic
light cream
30 - 180 sec.
5 - 10 min.
above +15 °C
500 ml.


Super glue Scotch-Weld 90 is ideal for applications requiring fast drying and high bond strength. For bonding decorative laminates, wood, light metals, plastics, including polyethylene and polypropylene, as well as the most lightweight materials (felt, fabric, cardboard and foam). Glue Scotch-Weld 90 has high heat and water resistance, does not form fog. Durable. Spray adhesive Scotch-Weld 90 is used for bonding decorative laminate to wood, installation of a decorative covering to the table top, the connection of polyethylene, polypropylene, metals, wood and other materials, installation of plastic letters to wood, making wood-fiber plates with a cloth bonding polyethylene and polypropylene to wood and metal.

Usage instructions

Make sure the surface is dry and clean, free of dust and oily contamination. Turn the sprayer to the mark located on the neck of the balloon to choose the correct direction of the jet. Shake the container for 5-10 seconds. Keep the cylinder at a distance of 15-20 cm from the surface. Apply a uniform pressing force on the spray nozzle when applying glue to the entire surface. Connect the bonding parts at the time of the greatest activity of the glue.

For most materials the adhesive should be applied to both surfaces. Porous materials may require the application of glue, after drying of the first layer.

Allow the glue to dry for about 30-180 seconds, and while this is happening, protect surfaces from contamination. The glue is ready when the surface becomes dry to the touch and the glue does not stick to the fingertips. Then firmly press the surfaces together. After connection it is necessary to ensure a tight clamp surfaces to each other. To reach maximum initial strength and exposure time should be from 5 to 10 minutes. For porous materials the connection surfaces should be done in about 1 minute after application. Once the two surfaces are connected, there will be strong bonding. To avoid premature bonding, it is recommended to use spacers.

After combining, place the material under the press. Pressure should be the maximum allowed depending on the type of substrates to be bonded.

The maximum efficiency of the adhesive depends on the uniformity and adequacy of pressure.

Bonded parts can be further processed and trimming directly after extrusion.

Do not slide the glued items in a few minutes.

Spray glue dries in 2-5 minutes after application under normal conditions. But this figure may change when different temperatures and humidity.


Store in tightly closed, original containers, avoiding direct sunlight. Shelf life at temperatures from +15°C to +25°C 12 months.