Manual machine for screen printing on textiles, 1 color, 1 table




Model 1 2
Type of drive manual manual
Number of printing units, units 1 1
Number of printed tables, pieces 1 3
Max. print size, mm 350 х 450 350 х 550
Max. size of the printed frame, mm 500 х 700 500 х 700
Size of the printing table, mm 400х500 240х300 320х440 450х600
Maximum height, mm 20 20
Speed, cycle / shift to 1500 to 1500
Weight, kg 20 20


Manual printing machine is designed for sealing and textile sheet materials such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, cut, leather, paper, cardboard, adhesive tape, various types of plastic, wood, metal, glass, plastic bags, etc.

Manual stencil machine standard accessories:

• Heat resistance and solvent printing table, made of special plywood. The fastening system allows for a few seconds to implement removal and installation of the table that plays an important role in the changeover. Additional machines can be equipped with printed tables different sizes and shapes: print on umbrellas, pockets, trousers, sleeves, etc. Optionally equipped with a vacuum table and a fan to keep the printed material on the printing table. This vacuum system allows you to work without adhesive additives, thereby increasing the speed and convenience of the printing process, and also to prevent sticking residues of the adhesive layer on the reverse side of the product.

• Clip, which are equipped with rigid holders screw securing the printing frame. Securely hold the frame holders, which prevents printing during its displacement and mobility, as well as to prevent re- alignment. Side clamp is able to capture the frame profile thickness up to 40 mm.

• Micrometer register (model 2), which allows to center the printed form in one direction relative to the printing table.

• The height adjuster by which printing is possible lifting frame with respect to the section 25 mm, which allows the sheeting to seal a 20 mm thick.

• Velcro coersion (model 2). Allowing secure the PCA after centering screen frame.

• Spring with tension adjustment, which provide lift screen frame during printing.

• Carrier metal support, which provides maximum stability manual stencil machine.

Video model 2


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