Manual roundabouts for a stencil process on textiles, production USA



Model V1-46 V1-66 V2HD-66
Type of drive manual manual manual
Number of printing units, units 6 6 6
Number of printed tables, pieces 4 6 6
Max. print size, mm 330 х 400 330 х 400 330 х 400
Max. size of the printed frame, mm 510 х 610 510 х 610 690 х 810
Size of the printing table, mm 380 х 430 380 х 430 380 х 430
Maximum height, mm 20 20 20
Speed, cycle / shift to 1500 to 1500 to 1500
The max. diameter of the printing press, mm 2690 2800 2820
Weight, kg 140 168 250


Professional manual stencil machine carousel for printing on textiles, cut textiles, workwear and sportswear. The design of the printing equipment, due to the presence of accurate micrometric register and the ability to adjust the technological gap between the printing plate and the desktop, allows you to perform stencil work of any category of complexity, up to reproducing full-color photo-realistic images on dark or colored textiles and cut.

The principle of silk-screen printing on the carousel is that several colors are applied directly on the product “wet on wet” or with intermediate drying (depending on the type of paint). After the imprint, the final drying must take place in the IR tunnel device.

Manual carousel machine comes standard with:

• Independently rotating relative to each other working platforms: the platform of tables and the platform of printed assemblies.

1. The platform of tables is completed:

• Heat-resistant and solvent-resistant metal printing tables with a rubberized surface. The rubber surface of the printing tables allows you to ensure perfect contact with the product, as well as the maximum heating rate on the intermediate dryers. Tables have reliable rigid fixation. This is very important, since they are manually rotated. Adjusting the tables horizontally and vertically allows you to set them in the same plane, which affects the accuracy and quality of printing. The fastening system allows for a few seconds to remove and install the table, which plays an important role in the process of equipment changeover.

• Centering steel bearings, which, when combined with the base plate, gives precise positioning of the printing unit and the printing table when they are combined in the printing process. This system in the best way provides combinations in the multi-color printing on textile products.

2. The platform of printed assemblies is completed:

• Clamps that are equipped with rigid screw holders and has the ability to fix the frame with a profile thickness of up to 50 mm. Printed clips of stencil forms possess high rigidity and securely fix the stencil frame, which prevents the stencil from moving during printing. Printed clips have stiffness adjustments for different format (weight) of printed frames and have backlash-free micrometric register in several directions depending on the type of equipment. How many clips as many colors as possible can be printed on the machine. Example: 4x6 equipment means that the machine has 4 printing tables and can print up to 6 colors. The clamp has the ability to fix the frame with a profile thickness up to 50 mm.

• Micrometer register, which allows you to center the print form in all directions relative to the printing table.

• Height adjustments, with the help of which it is possible to raise the printing table relative to the stencil shape by 40 mm, which allows you to seal material with a thickness of 35 mm.

• Register clips. Allowing to securely fix the printhead after the screen frame is centered.