LLC "Reklamnaya sreda" offers manual carousel machines for screen printing (screen printing) for textiles, Pro series.

According to statistics, about 80% of all textiles are printed using silk screen printing (screen printing). For small productions, we recommend the PRO series manual rotary machines, which will allow you to do this qualitatively, quickly and of course at a low cost.

A distinctive feature of this equipment is the high rigidity of the structure, the absence of backlash, the assembly of tables under the gate and the presence of all the necessary adjustments to obtain high-quality and stable printing of the entire print run. All settings required for readjustment to the new circulation are made without the help of keys.

Rotary printing presses consist of 2 rotating rotors.

The first rotor consists of printing tables on which products are folded. Metal printing tables coated with heat-resistant rubber have rigidity, lightness and maximum durability. The rubberized surface allows you to ensure perfect contact of the stencil with the product, as well as the maximum heating rate on intermediate dryers. Tables have reliable rigid fixation. This is very important, since they are manually rotated.

The second of the printing clips, which are installed stencil forms. Printed clips of stencil forms possess high rigidity and securely fix the stencil frame, which prevents the stencil from moving during printing. Printed clips have stiffness adjustments for different format (weight) of printed frames and have backlash-free micrometric register in several directions depending on the type of equipment. How many clips as many colors as possible can be printed on the machine. Example: 4x4 equipment means that the machine has 4 printing tables and can print up to 4 colors.

We offer rotary machines with a maximum configuration up to 10x10.