Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" offers manual turning machines for screen printing (silkscreen) on Textiles and baseball caps.

• Almost all machines have a micrometer registering.

• The design feature of all our stencil machines provide complete elimination play. What is very important for high-quality silk screen printing and scanning operations.

• Printing equipment is equipped with a carousel wooden tables, they can additionally be equipped with rubberized aluminum block tables, as well as a vacuum table.

• High precision assembly.

Hand tools such as "Carousel" is widely used for textile printing in small and medium print runs. They are able to seal a fairly wide range of textiles - from synthetic to cotton. Productivity of manual turning machines, depending on the complexity of the work can be up to 1500 pieces per shift. Textile Equipment of this type is a structure of two independent operating units: the lower level - work tables, the top - printed forms.

Undecided hand textile machinery, be aware of the availability of quality and retention mechanisms mikroprivodok plates. These important details provide convenience and ease of combining colors in the set up and decoration of the product, as well as permanent accuracy even with large print runs.

Carousel of four printing units and four desktops 4x4 allows to put the image on the white fabric in four colors and three colors to dark. Print quality, as a light and a dark textiles, will allow prospective printing press - 6x6. On turning machines 8x8 is to choose, if enough is often necessary application multicolor images, pontoon colors are printed as separate colors. However, it should be understood that the carousel 8x8 takes a lot of space in the room, because it has a large diameter.

We will be glad to answer all your questions and give advice when choosing equipment for screen printing!