Heat-resistant rubber for printing table


Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" has a heat-resistant rubber for printing tables.

Heat-resistant rubber is designed for the production of printed tables for screen printing. Printed tables are used on the vertical and oval, semi-automatic and manual machines. Rubber for tables efficient in contact with water, oil, fuel, chemical solutions. Rubber can withstand thermal stress from -40 to +100 degrees.

Sold in rolls 900 - 1200 mm wide.


Tech bonding rubber to aluminum printing table for textile printing.


The metal surface of the printed aluminum table for textile carousel cleaned of rust by blasting or grinding. Degrease.



On top of dry surface of the aluminum printing table to put on a polished side of the well-mixed METAL PRIMER PR300 with a spatula.



Should get a table here.



Allow to dry completely (minimum drying time - 2 hours).


Then proceed to bonding rubber to aluminum table.

Rubber surface sanded using fine sandpaper. Degrease.



Rubber ground surface is uniformly covered by two thin layers each. The first layer should dry completely (minimum drying time of 30 minutes on the metal 1 hour). The second layer to dry for so long, until it reaches a weak degree of stickiness (check the back of the finger). In the case of drying apply an additional layer.



Then, aluminum and rubber printing table superimpose one over another so that no air bubbles might be formed, and then roll on and to press strongly the load.



Leave for 24 hours to complete curing.