Heat-resistant silicone rubber for heat press



Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda"Ltd. offers a heat-resistant silicone rubber for Heat Press.

During continuous operation of flexible silicone rubber for thermo can wear. In this case, replace the heat-resistant rubber for further obtain high-quality heat transfers and reduce the amount of produced defects in the printing process.

The company offers a silicone rubber, which easily carries an increased thermal load during the production of large print runs. Rubber has excellent flexibility, is resistant to salts, alcohols, solvents, weak acids and bases. The surface of the heat-resistant rubber is endowed with low adhesion, which is not unimportant during operation and cleaning. Also, heat-resistant rubber in the process of lowering the heating plate ensures even pressure and warming up the printing products.

Thermal stability of elastic silicone rubber is thermo (from - 100 ° C to + 250 ° C).

Teflon heat-resistant rubber is fixed to the thermal press with the help of a specialized glue or thermal scotch.