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Cartridge gosupravlenie

Gosupravlenie ink cartridges are designed for quick and easy multiple charging ink.

C space for CHIP and without.

A volume of 300 ml.

Microchip RedGiant

Microchip RedGiant for gosupravlenie of cartridge.

Microchip RedGiant SS2 CHIP 440 - color CMYK+Lc+Lm

Microchip RedGiant ROLCHIP 440 - color CMYK+Lc+Lm

Microchip RedGiant RJUCHIP 440 - color CMYK+Lc+Lm

Microchip Mimaki

Microchip for Mimaki gosupravlenie of cartridge.

Microchip ES1MI for Mimaki JV3 440 ml - color CMYK+Lc+Lm

Microchip ES3MI for Mimaki JV5 440ml - color CMYK

Microchip ES21MI for Mimaki JV33 440ml - color CMYK