Forrakelya squeegee and semi-automatic machines for screen


Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" produces high quality professional aluminum rakelederzhateli (squeegee) and IBA-Squeegee (forrakel) for semi-automatic stencil machines.

Aluminum rakelederzhateli (squeegee) are used to clamp the squeegees. Rakelederzhatelya size should match the size of the doctor blade. Rakelederzhateli provide a secure hold with the doctor blade adjustment screws with which the blade can easily be monitored and regulated. Despite the light weight and due to the material of aluminum, they are very robust and lightweight, and respond well to treatment.

Service life rakelederzhatelya (squeegee) is almost unlimited.

Also steel frrakelya. Forrakel - is a device that consists of a metal spatula with which the paint is returned to the top of the press.

Rakelederzhatel forrakel and released multiple of 10 cm