Shelving racks for drying prints




Model 65х100 80х110 80х110+
The size of the drying shelves, mm 650 х 1000 800 х 1100 800 х 1100
Number of shelves, pieces 50 50 50
Cell size, mm 100 х 100 100 х 100 100 х 100
The distance between the shelves, mm 25 25 25
Variable tension shelves + + +
Material drying racks anodized metal anodized metal anodized metal
Drying rack weight, kg 86 116 125


Shelf drying racks designed for drying prints, sealed solvent based paint.

The principle of operation of the device is very simple: as we fill, we lower the new shelves in turn. Each subsequent regiment is based on the previous one. Thus, taking up one square meter of production area, we get a total area for drying - almost 50 times larger.

Drying rack has swivel wheels that make it easy to move production.

The fine grid cell allows to decompose the leaves and small items.

Large opening angle of the shelves makes it easy to get access to both the lower and upper ranks.

Each shelf has a spring latch that provides for the adjustment of the degree of tension lifting and lowering the drying racks.