Cleaning paper for cleaning the screen stencil from the residue of stencil paints


Purpose: cleaning paper is designed to remove paint residues in the process screen and tampon printing on printed forms, chemistry, and squeegee the canvas, and is also suitable for cleaning of components and mechanisms, as well as the hands of the employees while performing industrial work.

Paper towels for clean indispensable in printing houses, car repair shops, construction industry, and similar type organizations where there is a need for cleaning the surfaces from paints, oils and other liquid substances.


Composition: cellulose

Paper type: cleaning paper high strength roll, 4-ply

Format: roll 38х36 see

Number of napkins: 1000 Pcs

Cleaning paper has good absorbency, which is an important qualitative characteristic for use in the cleaning process of the printing tools. The 4-ply structure paper towels absorb various liquids: paints, solvents, oils, fuels, lubricants, water etc, cleaning paper, easily wrinkled, soft and lint-free.