Production of silicone tampons for pad printing


The company "Reklamnaya Sreda" offers You its services for the production of silicone tampons for tampon printing. Our tampons for pad printing are universal and high quality, able to satisfy any wishes of the printer.

The printing tampon is one of the most important components of process of the tampon press. The right choice of tampon will directly depend on the quality of printing and, importantly, the stability of the printing process.

Manufactured tampons have a high wear resistance, which increases its durability and improves the technical and economic performance of pad printing, especially when working on automatic machines.

Tampons are made of silicone rubber. The stiffness of the tampon is determined by the amount of silicone oil used in the molding of the tampon. The harder the pad, the less silicone oil was added. Tampons are made of four degrees of rigidity and are suitable for most of the tampon equipment.

We make printing tampons of various formats by Your order for all types of printing process, from you only the original tampon from which we will be able to make a mold is required.

Production of printed silicone tampons is carried out within 7-10 working days. For production we use materials of the known global manufacturers with observance of technological norms for achievement of the best result.

Manufactured tampons meet the following requirements:

• the material of the tampon is homogeneous, without any foreign inclusions (otherwise possible marriage, especially when printing small parts of the image);

• the swab has a smooth working surface and the correct, corresponding to specifications, form;

• tampon tensile strength-not less than 0.15 MPa;

• tensile elongation of the tampon-not less than 100%;

• swelling of the tampon - no more than 40% by weight;

• recovery time 90% of the original height of the swab - 1s.