Services for the production of screen printing forms under the key


The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers You its services for the production of aluminum frames for screen printing forms.

We produce different frame formats according to Your order for all kinds of printing equipment.

We produce frames for TPF under Your size is within 2-4 business days. For the production of frames for printed forms we use materials of well-known manufacturers to meet technological standards to achieve the best result.

Note: the maximum frame size we can manufacture shall not exceed 1800х4000 mm.


Services tension screen mesh, exposure, recovery and purification of stencil for screen printing forms

The company "Reklamnaya Sreda" accepts orders for manufacturing of screen printing forms for printing on various materials.

The production of screen printing forms includes:

  • manufacturer of aluminum frames for screen printing in a wide range of sizes as well as in the field of applications,
  • service stretch mesh for screen printing forms (frames),
  • service, perfect emulsion or capillary film and further photoexposure,
  • recovery services (old emulsion remover with mesh screen), as well as the removal of double images (ghosts),
  • services cleaning screen frame from paint residues,
  • development of design layouts, imagesetter films.
  • Note: the maximum frame size that we can pull the screen grid must not exceed 1800х4000 mm.

    Note: the maximum frame size that we might exhibit should not exceed 1300х1700 mm.

    Note: the maximum size of the imagesetter that we can withdraw must not exceed 900х1120 mm.


    Rules of admission stencil frames the work.

    Stencil frames are accepted only in pure form with no paint residues or other contaminants. In the event that the work shall be polluted frame, we reserve the right to bill you for cleaning services frames. Together with the frames to be transmitted and ready imagesetter, if You order an exposure.

    Screen frame will not be accepted in the work.

    Wooden frames, frames with apparent defects in its integrity, spiral frame (not observed ploskorelefnoj sides of the frame), frames with stretched net on the regeneration and exposure with pronounced gaps and defects of the mesh fibers, fotovista made on the tracing paper.