Silicone tampons for pad printing

Ready tampons

Catalog of finished silicone tampons for sealing various products in pad printing.

Production of tampons

Production of printed tampons of various formats according to your order for all types of printing process.

Printed tampon — one of the most important components of the process of pad printing. The right choice of tampon directly affects the quality of printing and, importantly, the stability of the printing process, ie, no significant difference between the printed copies in the circulation. Thus, the optical density of the print will depend on the transfer coefficient of the paint, the graphical accuracy of the image reproduction — on the accuracy of the transfer of strokes with a swab. High wear resistance of the tampon increases its run resistance and improves the technical and economic performance of pad printing, especially when working on automatic machines.

Tampons are made of silicone rubber. The function of the swab is to transfer the paint from the cliche to the printed object. While the cliché in pad printing is individual, i.e. manufactured for a specific image, tampons can be used for a variety of jobs.