Press for hot stamping



Model HP-800A TC-800TM TC-800A
Machine type manual manual semiautomatic
Fine tune rewind foil + + +
Maximum capture area of the plates, mm 57 x 128 110 x 170 110 x 170
The maximum pressure, kg 200 2000 700
Maximum temperature, °C 160 300 300
Maximum working stroke of the cliché, mm 50 35 35
The maximum height of the workpiece, mm 65 110 110
Broach foil automatic automatic automatic
Adjusting the pulling of the foil, mm 0 - 50 0 - 140 0 - 140
The size of the printing table, mm 128 x 152 310 x 380 310 x 380
Voltage, v 220 220 220
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 200 x 320 x 420 500 x 600 x 900 500 x 600 x 900
Weight, kg 10 95 105


Universal press is designed for blind, relief and hot foil stamping on paper, cardboard, plastic, books, notebooks, leather or leatherette, wood items, etc.

Designed for blind, relief and hot foil stamping on paper, cardboard, book binding covers, plastics and products from them. You can use for cutting, and notches of various products using flexible nibbling, punching and creasing knives.

Press for hot stamping of this series are of horizontal. The force generated by the lever (transmission of pressure through a system of linkage) or with the help of Pneumatics, acts on the heated plates and the surface of the workpiece, thus creating the necessary operating pressure.

These presses are used not only for foiling, but also for stamping and cutting of small-size. These presses for stamping have a broad scope, which allows the embossed figures on such products as various business cards, postcards, rubber products, wood, paper, leather, plastic stamping packaging products and hygiene products.

Depending on the material of the printing object, you must choose the appropriate type of foil and adjust the temperature of the embossing. It is also necessary to take into account the quality of the material.