Hand press for cutting according to set forms



The maximum size of forms, mm
80 х 110
Plastic to 0.8 mm, cardboard to 3 mm, magnetic vinyl to 2 mm
up to 2000 kg


Hand press for cutting according to set forms of magnetic vinyl, cardboard, plastic sheet and leather. The kit includes rubber Mat, guide for precise positioning of the cutting stamp and a rectangular shape h mm.

The principle of the press:

Install press on a flat horizontal surface.

Install the working platform and secure it with two clamps.

Set die cut shape so that the catcher has coincided with the labels.

Get a billet with the image and die cut shape to the center of the upper plate of the press.

Make fit one of the support rails to the workpiece with the image, putting it on labels of the Mat.

Gently lower the handle. Die cut shape is fixed at the upper plate by means of magnets.

Perform cutting of the image.

In case of insufficient cutting of the picture, turn the adjustment screw clockwise one — half turn. This sequential adjustment will allow to find the optimal pressure for cutting between the upper and lower plates.