Ready to use otslaivatel emulsion Pregasol F




PREGASOL F - ready-to-use, highly effective tool for cleaning emulsion suitable for all reversible emulsions and films for screen printing of polyvinyl alcohol. PREGASOL F - odorless, contains no chlorine, does not destroy the silk screen mesh. No bleaching effect. PREGASOL F is not suitable for removing gelatin emulsions (irreversible film).


Thoroughly clean the stencil of all traces of paint (for example, using detergent-based Water based solution such as PREGAN C 44 A), then rinse thoroughly with water. Remove the remaining water from the screen in order to avoid dilution of the means for removing the emulsion.

Then, with a brush or sponge evenly PREGASOL F on both sides of the stencil. Gently rub with a brush and after about 2 minutes, wash with a strong jet of water (using a device operating at high pressure).

STORAGE. 12 months (at 20-25 ° C).