Otslaivatel emulsion in powder Pregasol EP3




Otslaivatel emulsion. PREGASOL EP 3 is used for quick and gentle cleaning emulsion with screen mesh. Suitable for all types of emulsions (not irreversible film) based on polyvinyl alcohol. For direct use powder PREGASOL EP 3 is dissolved in water. Cleaner PREGASOL EP 3 is odorless, does not contain chlorine components and has no harmful effects on the material from which the screen grid.


For the preparation of the final composition of the solution PREGASOL EP 3 in water. Solution PREGASOL EP 3 has no odor, does not contain chlorine and does not damage the screen. Since this kind of solution is alkaline, the raid milk yield does not appear even when using water mixed with calcium.

Solution PREGASOL EP 3 is applied by brush or sponge evenly on both sides of the screen, which has been thoroughly cleaned of residual paint. Stencil cleaning brush is made very carefully and then about 2 minutes rinse with water spray (high pressure).

STORAGE. 12 months (at 20-25 ° C).