Liquid concentrate (1:70) for removing the emulsion with screen printing forms Pregasol cf 70




Wash PREGASOL CF 70 - highly liquid concentrate to remove the emulsion with screen printing forms. PREGASOL CF solution 70 has no color, no odor, does not contain chlorine, and bleaching produces minimal impact on the printing screen. One vial PREGASOL CF 70 for the preparation of 5 liters of ready-to-use solution (1:70).


To prepare the working solution otslaivatelya, PREGASOL CF 70 to be mixed with water at the rate of one vial (70 ml) at 5 liters of water and then mixed thoroughly. The water volume of 5 liters is recommended as standard, however, when working with hard-to-emulsions may need a higher concentration of the solution. In this case, PREGASOL CF vial 70 can be added in a smaller amount of water (4-4.5 liters).

Before peeling is necessary to completely remove all traces of the grid with paint cleaners series PREGAN or KIWOCLEAN, then apply the solution otslaivatelya on both sides of the stencil with a brush, for example SCREENBRUSH # 3. After passing through the initial reaction within 1-2 minutes, the emulsion can be easily removed from the mesh using a brush first, and then using a high pressure gidropistoleta.

STORAGE. 2 years (at a temperature of 20 - 25 ° C).