Emulsion exfoliator in the form of soluble powder Pregasol Powerpack




Otstaival emulsion. Used for fast and gentle cleaning of the grid. Suitable for all direct copying materials based on polyvinyl alcohol (not for irreversible films). Pregasol PowderPack solution is odorless, chlorine-free and does not damage the screen. Since this solution is partly alkaline, plaque milk will not appear even when using water mixed with calcium.


Pre-dissolve the concentrate in water - one package of powder per 5 liters of water for 4-8 minutes.

To avoid the negative effects of effervescent powder should be dissolved in an open container made of plastic or stainless steel. After that, stir the contents.

Removing the copy layer manually:

After thoroughly cleaning the stencil from the paint, apply the Pregasol PowderPack solution evenly with a brush on both sides of the stencil mold. After 1-2 min. reaction, rinse the solution with water (preferably with high pressure water).

Removal in automatic machines:

The Pregasol PowderPack solution is also suitable for washing with automatic machines – see the instructions for these machines.

Removal of the copy layer by immersion:

Before immersing the screen form in a bath with a solution carefully clean the stencil from paint and retouching. The reaction time in the bath depends on the type of emulsion and the reduction of bath ratio and is typically between 30 sec – 2 min. Gently remove the stencil shape from the bath. Rinse the remains of the emulsion with water, preferably under high pressure.

NOTICE. Never leave the applied solution to dry on the screen form, as the combination of Pregasol PowderPack and emulsion is extremely difficult to remove. Moreover, make sure that the flushing emulsion, its application and degreasing occurred in different places and at different times. During The pregasol PowderPack flushing process, fine gaseous particles can be deposited on stencils in the same room. When applying the emulsion layer, these particles lead to the localization of curing, which will lead to open areas after development.

STORAGE. 12 months (at a temperature of 20-25 °C).