Alkaline paste to remove excess paint and emulsion Pregan Paste




Pregan Paste is used for cleaning and degreasing of stencils, metal surfaces, and mixed with the food program Pregan (eg, Pregan Combi-Clean) to remove excess paint and emulsion layer after removal of the copier. Going beyond the conventional method of the impact of all bases, which decompose almost all natural fats, Pregan Paste emulsifies well as synthetic oils, mineral oils and other contaminants. Thus, Pregan Paste has a broad spectrum of effects on the process of cleaning and degreasing. Additionally, Pregan Paste can be used as a tool for buffing aluminum frames.


Depending on the type of residue on the mesh stencil can be achieved with a combination of products to achieve optimal results. The following are options, proven in practice:

The so-called "double image" or staining grid as balance of the emulsion on it is preferable to remove all Pregan Paste without adding to it activators. Exposure time ranges from 5 to 10 minutes.

When painting coarse meshes (more than 77-55 (T) for textile printing and plastisol inks recommended mixture Pregan Paste with Pregan Combi-Clean in a ratio of 1:1. This mixture can be prepared in a special container thoroughly mixing the two products, or directly on stencil by rubbing one component to another. Exposure time should be between 5 to 10 minutes, with more pollution it should be longer, but not to exceed 20 minutes. optimum distribution can be achieved only on dry stencil, in addition, water should not get into the tank, where the mixture Pregan Paste / Pregan Combi-Clean.

To remove a "double images" that are caused by printing inks, solvent-based or water-based first on the stencil is applied Pregan Combi-Clean and allowed to impact within 5 - 10 minutes. Only then the stencil is applied by brush Pregan Paste Time and its impact is also being 5-10 minutes.

After an appropriate time of exposure products carefully washed with water with a shower, and then the screen is treated with a water treatment plant supplying water under high pressure.

STORAGE. 12 months (at 20-25 ° C).