Degreaser (concentrate) for cleaning and degreasing screen printing meshes Pregan NT 9 K




Pregan NT 9 K is a highly effective concentrate for cleaning and degreasing all types of stencil grids. Ready-to-use product is obtained by diluting 1 part of Pregan NT 9 K in 10 parts of water.

The product prevents the formation of small holes and damage the surface when applying the emulsion in a straightforward way. Its viscous consistency allows you to apply sparingly and optimally apply the product even on coarse grids. For the production of Pregan NT 9 K is used mainly raw materials of vegetable or biotechnological origin. Pregan NT 9 K has a neutral pH, contains no phosphates and chlorides, well decomposed biologically.


Apply some amount of the prepared solution Pregan NT 9 K on the grid and carefully distribute the resulting foam on both sides with a brush. Thus dirt and fats are emulsified and become water soluble. For works degreasing recommended special brush KIWO Screenbrush #1. Wash the mesh with water until, until you washed away all the foam. After drying, the grid is ready for use emulsion. Foam quickly disappears in the waste water. It is recommended to clean/degrease mesh prior to application of the emulsion to prevent possible contamination during preparation delayed nets.

Color: yellowish

Consistency: viscous liquid

Safety and environmental protection

Pregan NT 9 K is biodegradable and may be discharged into the sewer.


2 years (at a temperature of 20-25 ° C) in a tightly-sealed container. At about 0 ° C, Pregan NT 9 K freezes. After defrosting, it can be used again.