Toothpaste to remove dirt, residues of paint and emulsion Pregan Megaclean Liquid




Pasta Pregan Megaclean Liquid - highly viscous alkaline detergent for cleaning stencils based on the solvent used to remove the "double images", and emulsion paint residues after removal photocopier coverage. In addition, can be used as an activator in combination with means for removing the "double image" (eg, Pregan Anti-Ghost Extra), dissolves screen inks of any composition.


As a means to remove excess paint and exposed printing plate:

Before starting work, a means to stir a bit and put on a dry or slightly damp surfaces contaminated stencil evenly on both sides with a squeegee-cell or a brush. You should use a squeegee-cell stainless steel because of the cell from aluminum, depending on the exposure time may be chemical corrosion. Pregan Megaclean Liquid can also be applied with a brush (eg, KIWO Screenbrush # 4). After 2-5 minutes (maximum 10 minutes) required for the reaction, stencil with plenty of water, for example, hand-held shower. Making sure that all remnants Pregan Megaclean Liquid rinse, rinse the net gidropistoletom high pressure. When working with the product highly recommended to use protective equipment (apron, goggles, gloves, etc.)

As an activator to remove shadow images with incomplete peeling emulsion:

After the necessary pre-exposure (12 hours), oxidizing agents such as, for example, Pregan Anti-Ghost Extra, put Pregan Megaclean Liquid on both sides of the grid, sharing it with the squeegee-cell made of stainless steel or a brush. A few minutes later the grid thoroughly with water, after which the process gidropistoletom high pressure.

Since Pregan Megaclean Liquid glue dissolves, avoid applying to the bonding grid to place the frame.


STORAGE. 9 months (at 20-25 ° C).