Means for removing adhesives and paint stencil Pregan DL




PREGAN DL means used to remove frozen adhesives and lacquers with stencil frames. PREGAN DL easily removes all two-component adhesives and paints normally used for fixing mesh to the frames in the manufacture of printed forms (eg, adhesives and varnishes KIWOBOND ESTELAN).


Brush or spatula apply a layer PREGAN DL 1-2 mm thick on the surface to be cleaned. After the reaction for 10-20 minutes to remove dissolved layer with a spatula or knife. To remove adhesive residue chronic - repeat procedure. Remove remaining PREGAN DL water.

Color: clear, yellowish

Consistency: thixotropic paste

Safety and environmental protection

When working with PREGAN DL must be ensured adequate ventilation of the working area.


2 years (at a temperature of 20-25 ° C)