Universal gel solvent based cleaners Pregan Combi-Clean




Pregan Combi-Clean - stencil cleaner water emulsifiable, solvent-based, is designed in a special combination with alkaline cleaning media for the removal of a "double images", paint residues and emulsions activator. However, as a stencil cleaner Pregan Combi-Clean dissolves residues stencil paint any composition. It has a high flash point, mild odor and because of its viscous form can also be used on coarse meshes as the optimal and economical cleaner.


As a means to remove excess paint and exposed printing plate:

To remove the coating or copier ink residues Pregan Combi-Clean mixed 1:1 with Pregan Paste or 2:1 with Pregan-NT-Paste (2 parts Pregan-NT-Paste and 1 part Pregan Combi-Clean), apply this mixture with a soft brush on the cleaned stencil and leave for some time (usually around 10, but not more than 20 minutes). Then stencil thoroughly rinsed with water, and if necessary, rework gidropistoletom high pressure.

As an activator to remove shadow images with incomplete peeling emulsion:

To remove a "double images" that are not caused by deformation of the mesh, stencil products processed Pregan Anti-Ghost Extra, and after a period of exposure (about 15 minutes to 12 hours) on both sides of the stencil brush to apply it Pregan Combi-Clean. Stencil first carefully washed with water and then processed gidropistoletom high pressure.

STORAGE. 2 years (at a temperature of 20-25 ° C).